landscape portfolio // 2018

The Japanese word kintsukuroi describes a broken object being made whole again after its fractures are fused with gold. This joinery acknowledges the object’s history and reveals beauty in the processes of upset and mending. In the spirit of kintsukuroi, the Historical Ecology Mapping Project (HEMP) seeks to promote an understanding of human impact on the environment by researching and mapping historic land use and ecologies within Athens-Clarke County, Georgia in order to inform creative site management and restoration.

HEMP is a research project that was started by Annette J Griffin and Dr. Eric MacDonald at The University of Georgia in the College of Environment + Design. Images in this gallery were developed as research outputs by Annette J Griffin.

ABOVE: Plant species research conducted Spring 2015 semester.

BELOW: Timeline research conducted Fall 2014 semester. Timeline graphics inspired by Napa Valley Historical Ecology Atlas: Exploring a Hidden Landscape of Transformation and Resilience by Robin Grossinger (Author), Ruth Askevold (Cartographer, Designer). Images on Documentation timeline are intended for educational purposes only and do not belong to Annette Griffin.